This is the end

WTC 2014 has ended.  The world cup was a success and there is no doubt that each player will remember this event with fond memories.  Each of us look forward to the next world cup, that at this stage, looks to be hosted in Belarus in 2018.

During the world cup, games were played with extreme competitiveness but in the evenings friendships were forged.  It is without a doubt that this week will not go by without people thinking back and remembering a specific game or a new friend.

Let us all prepare and grow this sport of tenniquoits and ringo during the next four years so that the next world cup will be even bigger.

New world cup winners

Congratulations to the team of Germany that is crowned the new tenniquoits world cup winners.  Germany won 20 -0 against India and 20 – 0 against Belarus, and drew 10 – 10 against South Africa.  This was enough to give Germany the world cup title, because South Africa won 20 – 0 against Belarus, but 18 – 2 against India.  The two points South Africa lost against India caused Germany to win the world cup.

Preliminary program available

Please note the site has been updated with  Program page.  The preliminary program has been created on this page.  The program has been posted to give an indication of how the program will flow.  The program may change depending on the final number of registered entries.

Click here for a direct link to the page

2 Weeks until the start of WTC2014

Tomorrow, in two weeks time, will be the start of WTC2014.  The South African team will have another training session this weekend.

The last two weeks the Gauteng area has had non-stop rain.  Let’s hope it hasn’t affected the tenniquoit court preparations too much.

 A video update on the progress of the tenniquoits courts will be posted after the weekend.  

We cannot wait to welcome all the international players in sunny South Africa.